How to clean your makeup brushes

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hello Darlings!!
One of the things that I procrastinate is cleaning up my makeup brushes. I literally dislike to clean them. But, I don't have a huge collection of brushes, and I'm able to clean it up pretty fast. Cleaning up your makeup brushes is crucial for you. This is something that you definitely have to do. It doesn't matter if you don't have many, I certainly don't. But, even if you have 6 brushes that you constantly use on a daily basis, is important that you clean them.

Why should you clean your makeup brushes??

  • Old makeup that accumulates on the brushes
  • Dirt
  • Bacteria
  • Oils
  • Dead skin cells 
  • To make your brushes nice and soft again
With the amount of makeup we put on your brushes is a necessity to clean up the dirt off it. If the brushes are not cleaned, this will cause your face to breakout (blemishes, acne, and the consistency of the product (makeup) will not be we as well blended into your face). I like to clean my brushes at least once a week, but sometimes I totally forget or I procrastinate, and I'll leave it for every two weeks (But I prefer once a week). I tend to wash them at night, so I can allow them to dry for the next day. These are some of my makeup brushes I use on a daily basis:

I line them up in top of my counter next to my sink
I took one of my house plates and then I used Extra virgin olive oil and some Dish detergent( I prefer Disinfecting dish detergent but I didn't had any so I use this one). 
1 tablespoon of cup Olive oil
(Note: don't use to much olive oil since it will leave your brushes oily, You don't want that)
1/4 Dish detergent
Mix it up in the plate 
Use one brush just to get a tip of olive oil and dish detergent unto the brush.

Another Step: 
After take the palm of your hands and do swirls with your brush to take that dirt and makeup of (note: I couldn't take a picture of this step, because I was using both of my hands to clean up the brushes).
I use my left hand to clean off the makeup and the right hand to hold the brush and do swirls (Note: your hand will be dirty).
After just use warm water to take off the dish detergent/ olive oil and extra makeup. (Note: Don't put water on the entire handle , is just on the brush..the hair)
Repeat these steps onto you see your brushes running clear through water.
After I was done with a few of my brushes I set them up aside on paper towel, after I clean them with Lint free cloth. 
Set them up on my dresser to let them dry overnight.

Thanks for reading hope you guys liked it


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