February Favorites

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Some of my favorite things for the month of February!

Just recently I thought of the idea of creating a monthly favorites. I decided to created a whole different category called; "Monthly Favorites" . Where, every end of the month I will be posting the current things I've been loving lately. So, without further ado here a some of my February Favorites:

Green Clean Makeup Meltaway (find it here)

Maybe my most favorite ever. I received this a few months back in my BoxyCharm monthly subscription, and O.M.G this is amazing. With just a tiny bit on your face, it helps dissolve your makeup rapidly. I have extremely sensitive skin, and using makeup wipes irritates my skin. However, with this melt I have said goodbye to irritation, and bye-bye to buying tons of makeup wipes. 

I use about two fingers worth of product, and gently massage it on to my skin. Once everything is melted, I take a wet microfiber and just remove all of it. This makeup remover has decreased my bedtime routine drastically. At times, I was so exhausted to remove my makeup specially after having a long day. But, now I look forward to removing, and also taking care of my skin. 

Hubble Contacts (find it here)

If you're like me that wears eye glasses 100% of the time. And, cannot wear sunglasses because your eyesight is horrible. I strongly suggest you start wearing contacts. I've been trying to get some contacts for a while now. Last summer, I went to my optometrist, and she gave me a trial for contacts. The contacts felt amazing on my eyes, and I noticed the difference instantly from wearing glasses everyday to contacts. However, the only downfall was the price.

For each box it was $30.99 and $35.00 (this depends on the prescription,and how many contacts you'd like). The total for me was $70.00 including taxes. For me $70 dollars on a monthly basis is a little too much for my budget. Which is why at the time I did not went with this option. I stumbled across Hubble and they had a big promotion where you'll get thirty (15 each eye) every day contacts for free.There's also a subscription for $33 dollars monthly and you'll receive thirty for each eye everyday contact. These contacts are great, and they feel nice and soft in your eyes. 

Better Than Sex Mascara (find it here)

This mascara is wonderful. I've been using for quite a while IT Cosmetics mascara, and wanted to try something different. I'm glad I gave this mascara a try. It leaves my eyelashes without many product build up which is great.

Comiso Bluetooth Speaker (find it here)

I added these to my valentines day gift guide (see here). And, my awesome boyfriend decided to get me this for Valentines day. I love music, I mean who doesn't. I definitely needed some speakers here at home and I'm so happy my babe got me these speakers. They have exceeded my expectations; they are super chic, and also pretty loud for its size. They're perfect to take anywhere. 

Baby Girl Turban (find it here)

These little turbans are adorable for little girls. Lilyanna's aunt got these for her, and they look absolutely gorgeous on my little one. She has them in a few colors and they go with everything. They are perfect for winter, fall and spring. 

What are your favorite products you been loving so far?

Thank you for stopping by, 


  1. That cleansing balm sounds really interesting! I'll have to look into it :)

  2. These are always my favorite kind of posts! Loved reading about all of them!

  3. That speaker is everything!!


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