Sunday Outings

Friday, March 27, 2015

Now that Spring is here one of the things that I love to do, Is walk downtown NYC, and try new restaurants. I love food,  specially Mexican food. This past weekend I went to this nice restaurant called Caliente Cab co.  I wanted to do brunch, but sadly we go there a little late. But, I did enjoyed their dinner menu. I order del Norte Chicken enchilada, and it was delicious. As well i ordered some sangria. The sangria was ok, it was a little bit strong, but the price was great for the amount they gave. The atmosphere of the restaurant was great loved the decorations (wished I took more pictures).  If you're in New York City and looking for a nice, great food restaurant check this one out. Definitely will be going back soon.

So Chaud Lipstick

Thursday, March 26, 2015

 Hello Darlings,
This look Is inspire by a recent purchase of a MAC lipstick So Chaud. I love the color orange with tones of red is perfect for spring. I did a very neutral smokey eyes with no winged eye liner, and I absolutely love the way the makeup came out. This lipstick will be my absolute favorite for spring, hope you guys like it.

How to clean your makeup brushes

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hello Darlings!!
One of the things that I procrastinate is cleaning up my makeup brushes. I literally dislike to clean them. But, I don't have a huge collection of brushes, and I'm able to clean it up pretty fast. Cleaning up your makeup brushes is crucial for you. This is something that you definitely have to do. It doesn't matter if you don't have many, I certainly don't. But, even if you have 6 brushes that you constantly use on a daily basis, is important that you clean them.

Why should you clean your makeup brushes??

  • Old makeup that accumulates on the brushes
  • Dirt
  • Bacteria
  • Oils
  • Dead skin cells 
  • To make your brushes nice and soft again
With the amount of makeup we put on your brushes is a necessity to clean up the dirt off it. If the brushes are not cleaned, this will cause your face to breakout (blemishes, acne, and the consistency of the product (makeup) will not be we as well blended into your face). I like to clean my brushes at least once a week, but sometimes I totally forget or I procrastinate, and I'll leave it for every two weeks (But I prefer once a week). I tend to wash them at night, so I can allow them to dry for the next day. These are some of my makeup brushes I use on a daily basis:

I line them up in top of my counter next to my sink
I took one of my house plates and then I used Extra virgin olive oil and some Dish detergent( I prefer Disinfecting dish detergent but I didn't had any so I use this one). 
1 tablespoon of cup Olive oil
(Note: don't use to much olive oil since it will leave your brushes oily, You don't want that)
1/4 Dish detergent
Mix it up in the plate 
Use one brush just to get a tip of olive oil and dish detergent unto the brush.

Another Step: 
After take the palm of your hands and do swirls with your brush to take that dirt and makeup of (note: I couldn't take a picture of this step, because I was using both of my hands to clean up the brushes).
I use my left hand to clean off the makeup and the right hand to hold the brush and do swirls (Note: your hand will be dirty).
After just use warm water to take off the dish detergent/ olive oil and extra makeup. (Note: Don't put water on the entire handle , is just on the brush..the hair)
Repeat these steps onto you see your brushes running clear through water.
After I was done with a few of my brushes I set them up aside on paper towel, after I clean them with Lint free cloth. 
Set them up on my dresser to let them dry overnight.

Thanks for reading hope you guys liked it

Purple & Turquoise Makeup

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hello Darlings,

Today, I was cleaning out my makeup storage getting rid of older products, and empty stuff I no longer use. It's amazing the amount things I find that I've totally forgot I had. In that case was a Revlon palette I purchase a very long time ago. I absolutely love the colors of the palette, and since spring is around the corner, I decided to play around a little with makeup, as well try some new products. I love smokey eyes, yet I don't often do smokey eyes on my face. Smokey eyes can be tricky, because you use at least 4 eyeshadows, and those eyeshadows you have to blend it in very well to get the perfect look you want. The key to a beautiful makeup especially a perfect smokey eye is to blend, blend, blend. Here's the look, hope you guys like it.

If you want your eyeshadow to be perfect use this technique. Use a small tape angle it just right with your eyebrows and eyes and your eyeshadow will come out perfectly and not all over the place. In the picture I still haven't applied a eyeshadow primer. 
Contour and highlight

Products I used:

Moisturiser: Clinique 
Primer: Airbrush FX Primer by Victoria Secret
Foundation: Rimmel London 103 True Ivory
Powder: L'oreal True Match W4
Highlight: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Soft and Gentle
Bronzer: Bare Minimum Golden 48
Brows: Anastasia Beverly hills Bold Kit in Brunette

Eyeshadow: Revlon Custom Eyes Palette 

 I used the 3 left eyeshadow
On the lid the turquoise color, crease the dark purple and then lighter color to blend it in.

In the outer corner of the eye I used a different eyeshadow a darker purple from HIP Wicked 536
Eyeliner: Rimmel Black Noir
Eyelashes: Some I bought as the drugstore: 
Mascara: Maybelline NY The Rocket Volum Express In black 

Highlight & Contour
Highlight: Revlon Corrector Light pale
Contour: L'oreal True Match crayon Concealer in Medium Deep then I blend it in with the bronzer

Eyeliner: Nude Eyeliner from Victoria Secret
Lipstick: Revlon Soft nude 070

Thanks for reading

Bright Pink Affair

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hello darlings, hope you're all doing great!

This post is from this past Saturday. It was raining the whole day, I went early morning to do some errands, and I was just in sweats, sneakers and a hoodie(Yup thats how I like to be when It's raining,lol). Since I had company over, I cooked, and just spending quality time. But, at last minute I decided to play dress up. This is just an outfit I picked up super fast from my closet, and I didn't even had too much makeup on my face. I just wanted to take advantage of the good quality Camara, lol. I need to purchase one soon for better pictures for the blog. These pictures were shot at my home, and I really liked how they came out. It's a simple on the run outfit, Hope you guys like it.

Jeans: Express
Tee Shirt: Joyce Leslie
Blazer: Some Boutique Don't Remember the name  (OLD)
Booties: TJ MAX (OLD)
Headband: Joyce Leslie
Love this picture <3

 Thanks for reading

My Spring Must Haves

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hello Darlings. Spring is around the corner, and I just can't wait. Spring is known for bright colors and pastel colors. So I try to incorporate both. Here are my Spring 2015 must haves.

Oversize yellow blazer you can't never go wrong with that. As well as the light blue blazer which is not oversize yet you still  can pair it with anything.
Boyfriend Jeans which have a fearly relaxed fit and are super comfortable Or you can wear Girlfriend Jeans which are on trend right now and these type of jeans fit a little more tighter and higher on the waist but still are super trendy and chic.
Prints I love prints and this type off the shoulder stripe shirt looks beautiful.
Orange Pumps I'm a huge fan of pumps heels and this color really stands out.
Bucket bag LOVE!!!! such in trend right now. 
Bandana just a nice accessory for your hair or neck.
White skirt it can be worn for your job and even on a night out.
Yellow sandals so great for spring.
Who doesn't love something vintage and These vintage  1960 's Mod sunglasses look super cool and funky/groovy.
And last but not least who doesn't love a Michael Kors bag specially this light blue color. 

1. Off the shoulder top: H&M
2. Oversize yellow blazer: YOOX
3.Light blue blazer: UNIQLO
4. Boyfriend Jeans: ZARA
5.White Pencil Skirt: Avenue32 more Affordable Forever21 
6.Yellow Sandals: ZARA
7.Christian Louboutin Orange Suede pump: Savannahs More Affordable CharlotteRusse 
8.Bucket Bag: H&M
9.Michael Kors Bag: MACYS
10. Sunglasses: Chairish
11.Bandana: ZARA 

  Thanks For Reading, 

Rock your oversize blazer two ways

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hello Darlings, It's a beautiful day here in New Jersey, It feels like spring. FINALLY! I know I'm not the only one over this weather and in desperate need of some sun. Since it is so nice outside I decided to leave my coat and start wearing my blazer. As I dig into my closet I found an oversize blazer that I haven't worn in a very very long time. I love oversize blazers just pair it with some jeans, nice shirt and heels and you are done. Nice and chic. I wasn't in the mood today to wear heels so I took two home pictures on how you can rock your oversize blazer using a belt and one just without it. The blazer with the belt I would usually wear it on a night out or to dinner something more fancy. Without the belt I just felt more comfortable both look pretty great with some good heels. Afterwards, I changed the shoes from heels to booties, because I  had to picked up my daughter at school and then we headed to a near by park. I hope you all have a wonderful day and are enjoying this weather.
Oversize blazer with a small belt 

Oversize blazer without a belt 

Oversize Blazer: Zara OLD
Leggings: Express
Top: Joyce Leslie
Shoes: Joyce Leslie
Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Accessories: Michael Kors Watch and Forever 21 Rings
Belt: Forever 21
High Heels: Strawberry Old
Lipstick: Dangerous By MAC

My Minnie Me

Thanks for reading,

Flat Tummy Tea

Friday, March 6, 2015

Hello darlings, Happy Friday!! I wanted to talk about a complete different topic and it's in regards about bloating. I have suffered from bloating for a very long time, and trust me it's not fun. You constantly feel bloated, with your stomach full of gasses and your belly looks like a 6 month pregnant lady. Lately I have been eating very bad, and I know that's one of the main causes I'm always feeling the way I do. So, I decided to change my bad ways of eating, and to start eating a little bit more healthier. The process hasn't been easy. If it was for me I would be eating pizzas, cheeseburgers and chinese food everyday. But, sadly I just cant. My stomach doesn't tolerate greasy fat very well. Since I started eating healthier, I've decided to change my coffee habits substituting in drinking tea. Now I drink Green tea with lemon, I'm hooked! It's so much healthier, and I feel better than drinking coffee everyday. But, even drinking green tea I still had problems with my bloating. I came across an instagram page called Flattummytea, and after seeing the reviews and the great effects I decided to give it a try. I order my package and it came really fast. It consist of two bags of teas of herbs,one to take everyday and the other one at night every 2 days. It says it speeds up your metabolism, energy and reduce the bloating.  So far I've been drinking it since this past Monday and I'm absolutely loving it. It smells amazing and it taste great. I've notice a little difference in my stomach, and I'm not feeling as bloated as I used too. It's still very early to notice results but once I'm done with the entire package I will let you guys know how'd it go. If you guys want to try it just check them out at their website Flattummytea. Let's put an end on the bloating.

Thanks for reading,

Cat Sunnies

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hello darlings, I've been a little M.I.A from the blog. I've been working on a few things to show you guys. I've been so busy with work, the house and running errands. And, I'm trying to be more punctual with my blog, I even bought a planner to coordinate well my blog postings. This past weekend I went to NYC to visit family members. I currently live in New Jersey, and once in a while I go to New York, since most of my family lives there. On Saturday, I received a few things I have ordered online. And one of them was some catsunglasses, I am currently obsessing over them. I came across them by browsing through instagram . They have very great and fun sunglasses at an affordable price. You guys can check them out at retrocity.

Jeans: Express
Sweater: Some store for $3 Dollars Great deal right
Booties: Joyce leslie
Sunglasses: Retrocity
Accessories: Forever 21

Having a Delicious Sangria at SouthBeach Restaurant in Washington Heights NYC

This is the outfit I wore to go out to eat in NYC. I went to a really good restaurant called South Beach and it's located in Washington Heights. If you go to NYC and you are in the Washington Heights area I suggest you go to this restaurant. The food is delicious and the drinks even better. 

           Thanks for reading, 

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