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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hey guys, I hope that if you live in the Eastern of the United States you're all nice and warm, because it's FREEZING! I just can't wait for spring. Today I wanted to show you a few different drugstores foundations I use. I love foundation because it helps cover up my blemishes, and is used to help with uneven skin tones. I have three different foundations that I love, and frequently buy. Usually I use these foundation on a every day basis. First and most importantly before using the foundation please apply to your face moisturizer. Is extremely important that moisturize since it helps with oily skin, dry, combination or normal. My face is dry, so I use a moisturizer to keep it nice and soft. I will talk about moisturizer on another blog post. 

Rimmel London is currently the one I've been using for the past two weeks. So far it gives me a good finish and covers up my blemishes. 

NYX in shade Soft beige This is my absolute favorite foundation it gives me absolute full coverage and the finish is amazing. I ran out of it and I need to purchased another one. 

L'oreal paris True match shade W3 When I 1st started using foundations this is the 1st foundation I started with.
This is the brush I use to apply my foundation, It's a Duo fiber brush nice and soft for your face. 

You only need just a little of foundation, Trust me a little bit goes a long way.
Ladies and Gentlemen my face is not perfect. I have dark circles, Dry skin and blemishes. But with the foundation it covers alot of it. Just a little dots with your brush throughout your entire face. 

After, with your brush just do circle rotations on your face, until you have applied the foundation too your entire face.

For picking up a foundation that works for you, Just try it on your hands. And see if it matches your skin tone. Picking up foundation is not easy trust me I've been there. But after a few practices you'll get the hang of it. So this is it, these are my favorite drugstore foundations and how I start the process of my daily looks. Hope you guys liked it. What else would you guys want to see on the blog?

            Thanks for reading,


  1. Thank you for share this I will try some of those because I have some blemish too I love all ur blogs Blessings :D

    1. Glad you like it. Thank you for reading and checking up my blog :)

  2. Thanks! Nice blog about these everyday foundations.

  3. Love this! ♥
    Want all the pieces too!
    You are making me jealous, pretty!

  4. Loreal is also my go-to, such a great drug store foundation! I'll need to give the NYX one a try, they always have such great products.

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