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Friday, March 6, 2015

Hello darlings, Happy Friday!! I wanted to talk about a complete different topic and it's in regards about bloating. I have suffered from bloating for a very long time, and trust me it's not fun. You constantly feel bloated, with your stomach full of gasses and your belly looks like a 6 month pregnant lady. Lately I have been eating very bad, and I know that's one of the main causes I'm always feeling the way I do. So, I decided to change my bad ways of eating, and to start eating a little bit more healthier. The process hasn't been easy. If it was for me I would be eating pizzas, cheeseburgers and chinese food everyday. But, sadly I just cant. My stomach doesn't tolerate greasy fat very well. Since I started eating healthier, I've decided to change my coffee habits substituting in drinking tea. Now I drink Green tea with lemon, I'm hooked! It's so much healthier, and I feel better than drinking coffee everyday. But, even drinking green tea I still had problems with my bloating. I came across an instagram page called Flattummytea, and after seeing the reviews and the great effects I decided to give it a try. I order my package and it came really fast. It consist of two bags of teas of herbs,one to take everyday and the other one at night every 2 days. It says it speeds up your metabolism, energy and reduce the bloating.  So far I've been drinking it since this past Monday and I'm absolutely loving it. It smells amazing and it taste great. I've notice a little difference in my stomach, and I'm not feeling as bloated as I used too. It's still very early to notice results but once I'm done with the entire package I will let you guys know how'd it go. If you guys want to try it just check them out at their website Flattummytea. Let's put an end on the bloating.

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